"To bring together the best minds in medicine to find life-saving cures and ensure that we are always at the forefront of NMO research, advocacy and education."

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Patients always come first. We are listening and want to help support NMO patients and their loved ones.



We believe the cure to NMO is rooted in science-driven research. By funding essential studies, we can accelerate the process.



Every day we're spreading awareness about NMO. Sharing the latest findings is crucial to improving lives.

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CIRCLES drove breakthroughs. SPHERES will take it even one step further.


We created CIRCLES to help researchers easily access data and blood samples to conduct NMO studies. Today CIRCLES has become the largest multi-center clinical research study globally with blood samples from 1,100 patients. SPHERES continues our efforts.

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We are delighted to offer this one of a kind reference as a user-friendly compass for commonly used therapies.

We are excited to welcome everyone to San Diego for The Guthy-Jackson 2023 Regional NMO Patient Day.

GJCF Founder Victoria Jackson's recent appearance on Meghan Markle's exclusive podcast.