Curative  Therapies

Therapies proven to be safe and effective in clinical trials are great first steps to lower the risks of relapse and improve lives.  GJCF is proud to have played a leading role for this goal.  And there is more to do.  Beyond these breakthroughs, GJCF is now accelerating toward cures.  It will take two bold steps to cure NMOSD, MOGAD and related autoimmune diseases once and for all:  1) Tolerization to reset the immune system so that it no longer targets self tissues; and 2) Regeneration to restore functions of tissues damaged by previous relapses.  If we are not aiming for cures, we are not aiming high enough.


A decade ago, many believed that approved therapies would never be possible for a disease as rare as NMO.  We believed otherwise.  Guided by the revolutionary GJCF blueprint, there are now three therapies approved, and clinical trials are testing next-generation treatments for anti-AQP4, anti-MOG (MOGAD) and seronegative disease.  Today, many believe that cures for NMOSD, MOGAD and other autoimmune diseases will never be possible.  We believe otherwise.

Restore Immune Tolerance to End NMOSD/MOGAD Disease

The immune system protects the human body against many types of potential threats, including infection and cancer.  It is also a key to tissue repair, healing and growth.  To achieve these vital roles, the immune system must distinguish between healthy "self" tissue and unhealthy tissues, infection and cancer.  This immune system superpower is called immune tolerance.

The immune system provides immunity to infection and cancer, and supports healthy tissue growth & repair.  To do so it must constantly monitor all tissues in the body and respond in beneficial ways.  A key to this role is the ability to tell the difference between healthy cells and molecules, and those that are abnormal.  This capability is called immune tolerance.  In some people, immune tolerance breaks down to certain proteins (such as AQP4 or MOG) over time.  As a result, the immune system mistakes these proteins as abnormal, and targets inflammatory responses against them and the cells that express them (such as astrocytes and oligodendrocytes).

Loss of Immune Tolerance

For reasons that are not clearly understood, over time the immune system can mistake healthy "self" tissue as if it were unhealthy or foreign.  This process results in the loss of immune tolerance.  In NMOSD or MOGAD (MOG Antibody Disease), a loss of immune tolerance occurs to specific self proteins, AQP4 or MOG (Myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein).  As a result, the immune system sees cells displaying such proteins as foreign, and injures them.  Loss of immune tolerance is at the core of NMOSD and other autoimmune diseases.  Solving immune tolerance in one autoimmune disease is likely to unlock to door to solving all autoimmune diseases!

Restoring Immune Tolerance

Immune tolerization represents the process of restoring immune tolerance. Tolerization re-educates immune system cells so they no longer see self tissues as threats, turning off autoimmune activity. The immune cells most important in tolerization are T and B cells along with other antigen presenting cells.  If immune tolerance is restored immune suppressive therapies are not necessary, and the disease process is stopped.  This is our goal.  GJCF is working with academic, biotech and pharma partners on amazing new science that holds great promise to restore immune tolerance for cures.

Roadmap to Immune Tolerizing Cures.

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GJCF is Cureageous.™

Curing diseases as complex as NMOSD or MOGAD is not easy.  But if we do not aim for cures we are not aiming high enough.  As with the first approved therapies, GJCF is leading the charge for cures - we are Cureageous™!  Join our mission to cure NMOSD & MOGAD.

GJCF is iNMOtion to Cures

Bold new science, technology and clinical trials are already beginning to explore ways to restore immune tolerance in NMOSD or MOGAD. A few examples are shown here. Learn more about the GJCF mission for cures!

  • Capsules delivering autoantigens to immune system
  • Goal: help immune system to ignore AQP4 or MOG

  • Inverse vaccines delivered through smart skin patch
  • Goal: turn immune system down to AQP4 or MOG

  • Nanoparticles delivering novel tolerizing medicines
  • Goal: program immune tolerance to AQP4 or MOG
  • Stem or autologous immune cell-based therapeutics
  • Goal: re-educate or destroy autoreactive T / B cells
  • Self red blood cells made to display AQP4 or MOG
  • Goal: use a natural tolerizing method of the body


  • AQP4 or MOG peptides designed as immune decoys
  • Goal: turn off autoimmunity versus AQP4 or MOG


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