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The Guthy-Jackson NMO Patient Advocacy Council is committed to providing educational resources, extending awareness to urban and rural communities, and connecting patients, caregivers, and families within the local and on-line NMO community with one another. The NMO Patient Advocacy Council is led by Lisa McDaniel, Director of Patient Advocacy and Cori Woolf, Patient Advocacy Coordinator.

The Council Members below have completed advocacy training and are prepared to offer support and resources to patients and caregivers in their regional locations as well as through virtual support groups.

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Lisa McDaniel

Director of Patient Advocacy

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Cori Woolf Headshot

Cori Woolf

Patient Advocacy Coordinator

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An Image of Erica Behling

Erica Behling

North East Region

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An Image of Deneisha Ellis

Deneisha Ellis

Southern California and
Southwest Regions

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An Image of Michelle Dean

Michelle Dean

Northern California and
Midwest Regions

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An Image of Kim Jackson-Matthews

Kim Jackson-Matthews

California and Southwest Regions

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An Image of Doug Holly Kirby

Doug & Holly Kirby

Northwest and Mountain Regions

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An Image of Jesus Maria Loreto

Jesus & Maria Loreto

Florida and Spanish speaking patients
and caregivers

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An Image of Laura May

Laura May

East Coast

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An Image of Natasha Polo

Natasha Polo

New York and the Tri-State Area Region

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An Image of Barry Sharon Shapiro

Barry & Sharon Shapiro

South and South East Regions

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An Image of Julie Robert Waller

Julie & Robert Waller

Southern Midwest

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An Image of Jeff Woolf

Jeff Woolf

Northern Midwest

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Kristin Wiedower

Kristin Wiedower


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Sandra Adda

Sandra Adda


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Heather Sowalla

Heather Sowalla


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