Clinical Trials in NMO

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How Do Clinical Trials Work?

At present there is no definitive "cure" for neuromyelitis optica (NMO). Clinical research is seeking to find better ways to prevent, diagnose, treat, and eventually cure human disease. These advances come with improved understanding of the causes and effects of the disease.

Clinical trials are designed to determine which medicines or procedures best benefit patients, and which may not. These studies often involve expert teams from academic, governmental and pharmaceutical sectors. In some cases, clinical trials seek to test the efficacy of a new drug for a disease which has no proven effective therapy. In other trials, one treatment is compared with another to examine which may be best in patients of differing disease stage or condition.


Clinical Trials Information

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Clinical Trials Webinars

The clinical trials webinar series focuses on clinical trials in NMO, with participation from Industry Council members, including Alexion, Chugai, and Medimmune. Watch the videos, download the PDF presentations, or read the transcripts online.

Clinical Trials Videos

Below is a selection of videos on the topic of Clinical Trials in NMO. For more videos and presentations from past conferences, visit NMO TV, our vast video library.

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