Breakthroughs & Beyond

In pioneering a new model of collaboration, GJCF began with a mission critical goal to fund research that accelerates development and approval of safe and effective therapies for NMOSD.   In just over a decade, patients today have three approved therapies !   Solutions at the speed of life.  We are grateful to all stakeholders who helped achieve this life-changing goal.  To patient heroes who participate in clinical trials, to caregivers who sacrifice so much for so many, to advocates who give voice to our mission, to researchers who move the science forward, to healthcare providers who guide clinical care, and to our industry & regulatory partners — Thank You !


One approved therapy that significantly reduces risk of relapse would have been a revolutionary accomplishment in the field of NMOSD.  Three approved therapies in just one decade—when there had been none for 100 years prior—is a revolutionary achievement in the entire field of medicine.  These advances will save and improve lives around the world, and they show how a rare disease like NMOSD can be a model for solving other diseases—rare and not so rare.  No wonder why 2019-2020 was called the “Year of NMO” by the American Association of Neurology & beyond.  The power of rare is at work through GJCF.


There is more to do to end NMOSD, MOGAD and other autoimmune diseases once and for all.  Just a decade ago many said approved therapies for NMOSD would never come to be.  We believed otherwise.  Today, GJCF is catalyzing next step breakthroughs in its mission to cures.  This is a bold and challenging goal—cures take courage.



Breakthrough Priorities

Detect Upcoming Relapses to Stop Them Before They Occur

The exciting science of biomarkers and big data analysis is enabling GJCF and its research partners to predict risks, relapses and personalized therapy.

Reduce Risks of Relapses or Stop Them Quickly if They Occur

Approved medicines offer a best chance to minimize relapse risks.  Now GJCF is driving new treatments to stop relapses in their tracks if they do occur.

Restore Immune Tolerance to Cure NMOSD & Like Diseases

Approved therapies are a great first step toward preventing relapses. GJCF is now pioneering bold new approaches to cure NMOSD once and for all.

Enhance Patient Experience Through Education & Advocacy

Patients, caregivers and loved ones are best served with credible information and healthcare access. GJCF promotes wellness via education and advocacy.