iNMOtion for Advocacy

We need your help to cure NMO!

With your help, we have come a long way. But there’s more to be done to end NMO. Get started by learning more about NMO or about our Foundation. Start or join a Support Group. Host or join an NMO event. Be an Advocate for patients and caregivers. Raise funds to advance science for NMO cures. Learn and teach others about why they should care about NMO.

We all have a unique story of living with NMO. What is yours ? You are invited to share your NMO Story and appreciate those of others.

Participate in our NMO-PRO surveys. Patients & caregivers know the secrets of NMO and how we can put that knowledge to work to solve this illness. By participating in surveys, research and clinical trials, NMO patients help one another to improve quality of life, develop new & better treatment and ultimately find cures.

A rare disease is not rare if it affects you. We thank you for joining this amazing community of hearts and minds on a mission to cure NMO.

You are the cure !