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Considerations for Managing Heat Intolerance in NMOSD / MOGAD 

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  1. Assure best control of disease activity with regular check-ups and personalized therapy plan 
  1. Proactively manage allergies which can cause symptoms of fever (hay “fever”) / inflammation 
  1. Consult with an endocrinologist or ob/gyn specialist to manage hormonal changes if needed 
  1. Preventive vaccinations may effectively minimize risk or severity of infections that cause fever 
  1. Light-colored, loose-fitting clothing may allow more efficient natural cooling and aid mobility 
  1. Hand-held / battery-operated fans can enhance natural cooling & minimize A/C energy costs 
  1. Cooling vests or ice packs may provide generalized or localized relief as individuals may prefer 
  1. Cooling pillows and towels can work well during the night to promote highest quality sleeping 
  1. Sun shades and cooling car seat covers can help maintain comfortable temperature on travel  
  1. As always—please consult your NMOSD / MOGAD specialist and care team for best practices   
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