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Based on the success of the 2009 NMO Patient Day, the Foundation hosted its second NMO Patient Day as part of the 2010 NMO Roundtable Conference. The Patient Day was held on Nov. 10, the last day of the Conference. Entitled, “Living with NMO2,” the NMO Patient Day invited members of the public who have been affected by NMO to view presentations and engage in a dialogue with leading NMO clinicians and researchers in the United States and also with other NMO patients. Attendees consisted of NMO patients, caregivers and family members, NMO scientists and clinicians, Foundation Medical Advisors and Foundation staff members. The attendance count reached 200 attendees (up 67 percent from 2009).

The NMO Patient Day featured presentations informing audience members of The Guthy-Jackson Repository for NMO, the Foundation‟s Clinical Consortium, a question and answer panel discussion, a roundtable discussion, stem cell research, insight into patient state of mind and patient advocacy. Please refer to the agenda on page 66 for the full description of sessions. Two key sessions were the question and answer panel discussion and the roundtable discussion.

Entitled, “NMO & You,” the hour-and-a-half long, “Q & A Panel Discussion,” comprised of eight panelists who are among the leading NMO researchers and clinicians in the US and was moderated by Foundation Medical Advisor Michael Yeaman, Ph.D. The Panel Discussion was a pivotal session for all participants as this session allowed NMO patients, caregivers, clinicians and researchers the rare opportunity to engage in a face-to-face dialogue in an informal forum.

Nearly two hours long, the roundtable session allowed attendees another rare opportunity to discuss critical areas of focus regarding the future of NMO clinical treatments. Attendees were divided among 10 tables and reported their conclusions to the audience.

The entirety of the NMO Patient Day was streamed live on the Internet via live webcast. The participant count reached 130 viewers and ranged from countries all over the world including, Canada, England, Israel, Norway, the U.S. and many other countries. Participants were able to view all presentations as well as submit questions during the “Question & Answer” panel session. Questions were read to the panel by the moderator.

The Patient Day was a critical component for the NMO community. It validated NMO patients and caregivers as they reunited and also made first-time connections with each other and NMO clinicians and researchers in the safe environment provided by The Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation.

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2010 NMO Patient Day

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