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Say “Yes” to Cure NMO

As a rare disease, NMO has many challenges. Low incidence and prevalence, lack of awareness about diagnostic criterion (and of the disease itself), the absence of FDA-approved therapeutics, substantial medical costs, and limited amount of blood samples available for research all contribute to the difficulty of living with and finding a cure to NMO. To effect change for this disease, awareness and education play critical roles to finding a cure.  NMO Patient Day empowers attendees to learn how to take action as well as connect with the community at large.  The day-long conference focuses on educational sessions, while allowing attendees to connect with and educate NMO researchers, clinicians, industry members, and each other.

Part of the foundation’s CIRCLES program, the conference was one of several hosted across America, focusing on joining the scientific, clinical, and public communities. Participants were able to make new personal connections, while also reuniting with existing ones.  Key events were the three-day blood draw, general session, and breakout sessions.  Before the event, support groups led by volunteer NMO Advocates met onsite, establishing members and action items for post-event activities.


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2016 NMO Patient Day


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