Neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder
is an autoimmune disease that can
cause blindness and paralysis

NMO has no cure and there are no FDA-approved treatments.

This disease may affect up to one hundred thousand patients worldwide.

Symptoms can emerge without any warning, occur at any age, and tragically, often affect patients in what would have been the prime of their lives.

NMO affects women six times more frequently than men.

But now there's hope.

NMO is unusual because it has a known biomarker called the NMO-IgG. Understanding this biomarker holds the secrets to the causes of the disease which can be targeted for cures.

Curing NMO holds the promise of helping solve many other autoimmune diseases
such as Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Sjögren’s, Psoriasis and others.

Since 2008, The Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation has

Funded 54 innovative projects


Directed all donations to research


Invested in research

0 specimens

Created an NMO Biorepository

...and worked with partners worldwide to find solutions.

“10 years ago, when we wrote about this disease 30% of people within 5 years died. I haven’t taken care of a patient with respiratory failure now in a number of years.”

- Brian Weinshenker, M.D.,
Professor of Neurology, Mayo Clinic

“Whenever I first became ill in 2005, research was scant and I had to really dig to find NMO literature. Since 2008, the research effort has literally exploded thanks to the GJCF. Without the Foundation, we would have nothing - it's changed the whole face of research and is a perfect model of the collaborative research effort.”

- Grace Mitchell,
NMO Patient

Experience the
NMO Story

Advisor Donates $10,000 to NMO for #GivingTuesday!

GJCF Foundation Medical Advisor, Michael Yeaman, Ph.D., has donated $10,000 to NMO research, and invites the #GivingTuesday community to match his donation. “What’s unique about neuromyelitis optica (NMO),” Dr. Yeaman says, “is its potential to help find cures for other autoimmune diseases, like multiple sclersosis, Lupus, Crohn’s disease, and many others.” With a known biomarker, a blood test, and current research working toward finding solutions, NMO is often referred to as “the little [rare] disease that could” lead to big discoveries.

Michael Yeaman

You can help us find a cure for NMO
and other autoimmune diseases by giving to research.

Cures of tomorrow begin today.



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