NMOpedia: Digital Education Platform is a series of informational PowerPoint presentations made available for the scientific community by The Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation and its trusted team of scientific advisors. Each module offers a succinct exploration of the research surrounding NMO/SD with a particular focus and clearly-defined learning goals.

Module 1 – Basic Diagnosis

A succinct overview of the current approaches to diagnosis of NMO/SD, based on the 2015 IPND Criteria (Neurology 85:177-189). Learning goals for this module include:

  • Consider NMO/SD Diagnosis
  • Suspect NMO/SD Diagnosis
  • Diagnostic Workup Schema
  • Ancillary Diagnostic Tests
  • Differential Diagnosis

Module 2 – Pathophysiology

A primer outlining the current understanding of NMO/SD pathophysiology, based on recent published literature in the field. Learning goals for this module include:

  • Astrocytes & AQP4 Protein
  • NMO/SD Etiologic Theories
  • Loss of Immune Tolerance
  • Pathogenesis of NMO/SD
  • Clinical Laboratory Results


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