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(Our John Craig) Take Action & Make Some Noise

Take Acton & Make Some Noise
In 24 days, on May 6, I will run the Pittsburgh half marathon: 13.1 miles of celebrating life. A year ago, to be specific it was ten months ago, it was unimaginable that I would be strong enough to take a long walk. The thought of running at all…anywhere…wasn’t even a consideration for me.

This will be my fourth race and second half marathon since I started running in June of 2011.

It’s about completing not competing.

The above quote is the best description of what it is like living with a chronic illness. There are no winners. It is about getting through the day, every day. Everyday is about completing; doing the best to make it a better day than the one before. That is not easy.

You do not need a cure to be healed…that’s why I run.

I am not running in the hopes of raising enough money that medical researchers will have unlimited funds to do their work. But I do hope you donate.

I am running in the hopes that other people with chronic illnesses will run alongside me in whatever way they can…be it body, mind or soul.

It’s possible and it’s nothing special; it has taken me six years to learn (experience) this lesson. This is why I run.

When all possibilities are removed from anybody winning, this is when the best of humanity comes out. This is why I run. Run with me in whatever way you can.

All too often in life we need a winner, we need to pick a side, we need to pick an adversary.

I say ~
We need to be pulled together for a common gain, not pushed together by a common enemy. This is why I run.

Help me share this message with others.

Take Action & Make Some Noise…

I run for those who can no longer run, walk or even move much. I run for those who live with this disease in different stages of progression to show that it can be done: that you could do this…or walk, or jog around the block. In disease as in life it’s hard to heal the mind if you do not heal the body first.

I invite you to join me in this journey. Please share this if it inspired you. Facebook this, Tweet this, e-mail this to friends and family struggling with a chronic diseases.

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