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Painful Tonic Spasm in Neuromyelitis Optica Incidence, Diagnostic Utility, and Clinical Characteristics Sung-Min Kim, MD; Min Jin Go, MS; Jung-Joon Sung, MD, PhD; Kyung Seok Park, MD, PhD; Kwang-Woo Lee, MD, PhD Arch Neurol.

Pain in neuromyelitis optica and its effect on quality of life A cross-sectional study Y. Kanamori , PhD , I.

Markedly Elevated Soluble Intercellular Adhesion Molecule 1, Soluble Vascular Cell Adhesion Molecule 1 Levels, and Blood-Brain Barrier Breakdown in Neuromyelitis Optica Akiyuki Uzawa, MD; Masahiro Mori, MD, PhD; Saeko Masuda, MD; Satoshi Kuwabara, MD, PhD Arch Neurol. ?2011;68(7):913-917.

A Benign Form of Neuromyelitis Optica Does It Exist? Nicolas Collongues, MD; Philippe Cabre, MD, PhD; Romain Marignier, MD; H?l?ne Z?phir, MD; Caroline Papeix, MD; Bertrand Audoin, MD, PhD; Christine Lebrun-Frenay, MD; Jean Pelletier, MD, PhD; Bertrand Fontaine, MD, PhD; Patrick Vermersch, MD, PhD; Christian Confavreux, MD, PhD; J?r?me de Seze, MD, PhD; Group Members for NOMADMUS and CF-SEP Arch Neurol. ?2011;68(7):918-924

Anti–Aquaporin-4 monoclonal antibody blocker therapy for neuromyelitis optica Lukmanee Tradtrantip PhD 1 , Hua Zhang PhD 1 , Samira Saadoun PhD 2 , Puay-Wah Phuan PhD 1 , Chiwah Lam BS 3 , Marios C.