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Since it’s initial launch last fall, the Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation’s mobile app has been a breakout success with 5 star ratings both the Google and iTunes app stores and a total of almost 1,000 downloads within four months. With NMO Patient Day and our 8th Annual NMO Roundtable Conference just around the corner, we thought it might be time to provide an update to some of the best features of NMO Resources, and include a few new ones as well.


Learn About Clinical Trials

We’ve added an entirely new section dedicated to learning more about the exciting clinical trials going on in NMO. Here you’ll find access to our clinical trials webinars, along with the full PDFs and webinar transcripts.


An All-New Notes

Our popular My NMO Notes section has received a visual overhaul. All your notes are in the same place and even easier to find. We’ve included a brand new search ability as well as a more streamlined view of all your notes that shows you when you last updated each note.



As more advocacy and educational events are planned, we’ll be adding them to the app under the new ‘Events’ section. In special recognition of the upcoming NMO Patient Day and 8th Annual NMO Roundtable Conference, we’ve included a section full of resources for attendees and anyone who might not be able to attend. For NMO Patient Day, some of the highlights include access to the full agenda, a list of breakout sessions, attendee tips, and more. If you’re interested in our NMO Roundtable Conference, you’ll find the full agenda as well as the abstracts showcasing all of the cutting-edge science from our poster sessions.


Download or Update Today.

Click here to see the app in your app store. You’ll either see an ‘update’ or an ‘install’ button, depending on whether or not you already have the app. The app is currently available for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android phones.

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  • Learn About
    Clinical Trials

    Learn how clinical trials work, whether or not you're eligible to participate, and the possible risks and benefits.

  • Advocate

    A disease is not rare if it affects you, so get the resources you need to join the community and get NMotion to solve NMO!

  • Give Blood

    If you know someone who has been diagnosed with NMO, please help us with blood samples and/or clinical data donations to our Biorepository.

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