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Creating a New Dialogue About NMO

Reese W.:

My friend Victoria Jackson called me one day and told me that her daughter had been ill, and to hear that anything would be affecting this young woman’s life was just absolutely devastating as a friend, but also as a mother as well.

Victoria Jackson:

I had no idea what NMO was. I Googled it. I asked people about it. There was nothing. There was no information. And they told me on the phone, that I might have four years with my daughter before either she wasn’t with me, or she could be blind or paralyzed.

Reese W.:

The work that the Guthy-Jackson foundation has done has been incredible.

Dustin Hoffman:

To bring for the first time, doctoars together from all over the world.

Reese W.:

Creating a dialogue that wasn’t there before.

Victoria Jackson:

When you’re a mom on a mission and it’s your child and you feel there’s some kind of a clock going, people are going to talk.

Reese W.:

If they can find an effective treatment or even a cure for this disease, they can open a lot of doors for other diseases.

Dustin Hoffman:

There may be a clue ultimately, that combines all the autoimmune diseases.

Victoria Jackson:

I know that when you put your mind to it, there is nothing that you can’t do. And I’m not going to stop until I find a cure for this and a model that really works for people, and for the world of medicine to change it.


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