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How Do We See in the Dark?


How do we see in the dark? It’s not just an existential question. It’s a question that I ask every day. That all NMO patients, clinicians and scientists ask. How do we see in the dark? How do you move through stasis? The more you ask, the more you see. You see other people asking the same questions. We’ve worked together for the past four years, scientists, clinicians, patients, and partners. So it’s not just you, your husband, your child, your doctor. It’s a global community asking questions and finding answers.

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Now we patients have a renewed sense of hope. We’re fired up to think creatively like the way I cook, by touch, smell, and taste. Backed by a community we dare to resume our lives, dream, accomplish. You can overcome any obstacle. That’s what NMO has taught me. Set your goal. Pay attention. Work with others. Find a way. We’re all blind cooks working in the dark to transform basic ingredients into a life giving cure.


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