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Say “Yes” to Cure NMO


Every great journey begins with a choice to say yes. When my daughter was diagnosed with NMO, we could have said, no. We could’ve given up. Instead, we said yes to moving past fear, to believing in a cure and to asking others to help us on this mission.


And they said yes too. Yes to innovative collaborations, to sharing discoveries and to always putting patients first.


Every day, patients bravely call out their own resounding yeses. Yes to sharing their stories and their data. Yes to donating their blood, the source of lifesaving answers and yes to being part of clinical trials to find new and better treatments.


International partners in medicine, technology and industry have said yes too. Some say si, some say oui, others things shi, ja, or da. And when the whole world says yes to a single mission, that’s transformative.


We’ve scaled the walls between disciplines and nations to see new horizons and when others ask if our mission can help solve diseases beyond NMO, we get to see, yes. We’re on the verge of conquering NMO and it started with one simple determined, yes.


We’re grateful to so many who share our mission, say yes, and join us on our journey to cure NMO.


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