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What mother or parent wouldn’t do everything they could that’s humanly possible for a sick child? Victoria Jackson is that mother and much, much more.

Victoria Jackson:

We were told that Allie had four years to live. When you see your child suffer, there is nothing that you won’t do. And I will find a cure. There is no doubt.

Meredith Viera:

I have no doubt you will either. You are determined. You are a mom on a mission.

Victoria Jackson:

Allie said at one point, “Mom, this is not just about the two of us anymore. It’s about everybody with this condition.” And I know now when I am flying here or I’m sitting in the Vatican that I’m going to work to find a cure for everybody.

Amit Bar-Or:

Four or five years ago, I would describe to patients how there’s this foundation out there and this sort of little engine that thinks it can. It’s great to be able to talk about the little engine that can and is.

Christine Ha:

They’ve been making so many advances in the field of NMO that it’s just been incredible.

Jaqueline Palace:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen any field move so quickly.

Eli Katz:

Disease like NMO actually can contribute a lot to the understanding of immunological mechanism, variety of autoimmune diseases. It can affect treatment of cancer, et cetera. So everything we learn about it actually can help.

Nancy Sicotte:

You can learn so much from one person. That one patient can actually lead us into new directions.

Alan Verkman:

The foundation has done a fabulous job in facilitating collaboration by identifying investigators who have complimentary expertise.

Carrolee Barlow:

You can do this part and I can do that part. And that’s something that’s really important when you’re talking about 10 patients in one clinic, 21 patients in another country.

Christian Napon:

This conference is very important because it brings my attention to this pathology which is under-diagnosed.

Youssoufa Maiga:

All parts of Africa are represented here. African countries are beginning to talk to one another and develop the NMO African Network.

Sean Pittock:

The momentum that’s been provided by the Guthy Jackson Charitable Foundation will ultimately result in us getting significant answers.


For her tireless efforts on behalf of her daughter, other NMO patients, and medical research that will benefit other autonomous diseases blessing the lives of countless human beings, we honor Victoria Jackson with the 2018 Pontifical Key Advocacy Award.

Victoria Jackson:

As I look out at this extraordinary group and as I’ve said to myself many times, “Come on, Victoria, curing a disease is not for wimps. Curing disease is not for wimps. There are no wimps in this room. There are very strong, loving, dedicated, smart people, and I am honored to be here. I want you to strengthen those connections and those ons. Spread the love, harness all that energy, give it back to the world. Take that leap of faith, believe, and anything is possible. And I am so grateful and I truly am blessed. I am so grateful. Thank you so much.


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