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What are B cells and why are they important in NMO?

Published on April 2, 2010

James Kim, MD – Massachusetts General Hospital:

B cells are part of the immune system, most well known for producing antibodies. In the normal situation, when one is infected by a virus or a bacteria, these antibodies are necessary to clear this microbe. But in the case of autoimmunity like NMO, something more mysterious happens. Actually the antibodies are not directed towards the virus or microbe, but actually they’re directed towards the self. There are parts of the body that these antibodies bind. Now that we know the … this portion of the body that these antibodies are binding in the case of NMO, researchers are now looking at the causes for this immune deviation, and also identifying ways to treat the disease.

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Currently how is NMO/NMOSD best diagnosed?

Since the discovery of the APQ-4 antibody in 2004 the spectrum of NMO has dramatically changed and evolved to what we now consider NMOSD.

Can Tissues injured by NMO be repaired (Regeneration/Remyelination)?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is we don't know how that happens...after a patient relapses and we suppress the inflammation

Does spinal cord damage occur in NMO?

Spinal cord damage occurs in all patients with NMO, because it's one of the essential diagnostic criteria for NMO.

Do NMO treatments have dangerous side effects?

In NMO, the immune system is too active, so all of our treatments are really directed at decreasing the immune system.