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ONE IN A MILLION – in memory of Laura Davidheiser

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My name is Greg Davidheiser, and I lost my mother to NMO in 2011. This year it is my goal to raise money through the ONE IN A MILLION foundation for NMO research. To raise money, I plan on racing in several endurance events. So far, I am registered to race in a marathon, half Ironman, and at least one full Ironman. The goal is to eventually qualify for the Ironman World Championship. Throughout all these events I will proudly be wearing ONE IN A MILLION and Guthy Jackson logos on my chest. The idea of raising money through endurance events is simple. For many people, myself included, the thought of completing an Ironman or a marathon seems impossible, scary and overwhelming. Similarly, I had that same feeling when My mother was diagnosed with NMO. It is my goal to show people that by surrounding yourself with a solid support system and staying positive that anything is possible. Even when it comes to winning the battling against NMO.

Back in 2011 NMO looked a lot different than it does today. One of the biggest struggles my mom faced was getting a diagnosis let alone treatment. After a year or so of battling NMO my mom, Laura, ultimately passed away. A few months before she passed, we came up with the idea to raise money for research through the “ONE IN A MILLION” foundation. In late 2010 it was thought that only one in every million people were affected by NMO. I thought that was fitting because my mom was one in a million to me. In the last 12 years it is astonishing to see the amount of progress we have made in understanding, diagnosing, and even treating NMO. Every donation truly makes a difference.

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