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Website Update for Guthy-Jackson

We at The Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation are excited to launch new updates to our website in order to offer you easier ways to take action and be part of the cure for NMO.

What’s New in our Website?

Our website now allows you to easily learn about and participate in research, advocacy, support groups and more, while being able to quickly access advocacy and educational resources.

Mobile Friendly

One of the most significant improvements is a mobile-friendly design. By incorporating the latest web technology, the site now automatically adjusts to the size of your screen, allowing easy navigation whether you’re using your smartphone, tablet or desktop.  Don’t forget to download the NMO Resources App for your mobile device!

Research and Participation

While our popular online services like NMotion and Spectrum used to live apart from our main website, we’ve combined all the sites to make it easier than ever to learn about NMO, join in advocacy efforts, and access the latest in cutting-edge research. Access all the great resources from NMOtion and Spectrum, including:

Fundraising and Advocacy

A primary focus of this redesign was to give you the tools you need to advocate and raise funding for NMO research. Now you can create your own GJCF account allowing you to create, promote and track events!

Medical Education

Tell your medical professional team that GJCF now offers an online course about NMO on our new NMOpedia page. Our digital education platform is a series of informational presentations made available for the scientific community by The Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation and its trusted team of scientific advisors. Each module offers a succinct exploration of the research surrounding NMO with a particular focus and learning goals. (CME not offered.)

You’re Invited

We welcome you to visit our website at to experience the new changes.  Thank you for being part of the cure for NMO.  Together we will end this disease.

– The GJCF Web Team

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